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Aug 8, 2019

 A confidence and leadership coach with a background in leadership and management and helps people with performance and growth.  Nicoletta joined me from Italy to talk to me. 

I asked Nicoletta to join me to share her journey to success after climbing the corporate ladder and now running her own business.  Nicoletta talks about how she wasn’t confident at all and felt very much afraid of making mistakes and looking like a fool.  Partly this was due to speaking her second language, but it wasn’t all.

She worked in Ireland for a Fortune 500 company and was looking for promotions, bigger job, bigger company because it “seemed like the right thing to do”.  She realised she wasn’t happy, she didn’t have good role models in the business, so she realised that it didn’t align to what she wanted long term. 

She felt stressed out, close to burn out, but tried not to complain because she had a great job and great friends. 

When she made the moved to open her own company she felt more aligned with doing what she wants to.

Nicoletta realised her priorities were all wrong after her mum died and it started a seed of through processes but it still took her 3 years to make the changes in her work and life.

She knew that if she had her own company her values would be different and she would be able to focus on her priorities and get them aligned.  This wasn’t possible within the company she worked in 

If you’re not aligned any more then people become disengaged and in big corporations especially it is expected that people want to move up.  Yet Nicoletta had a lot of friends and colleagues that were happy staying where they were.  They were happy with that they had.

Nicoletta talks about building a baseline for their confidence with her clients.  This helps them to connect to something that helps them feel confident and create a benchmark around how they feel and they can recognise how confidence feels for them  It is different for all of us.  From that she builds on what makes them happy and where they can replicate that confidence. 

She does the same with success.  Which part of the work do they do, so that they feel that success.  Then look at what they could do to get more of that

Nicoletta talks about being OK that we’re not good at everything.  It’s OK if we need to learn more, it just means that we’re a beginner in some areas.  So we can re-frame and connect again to what we want to do.

We talk about our Inner Critic and setting boundaries and sharing goals as well as being open to feedback.

Listen in to an exercise that Nicoletta talks about to focus on goals and success and how helpful it can be your future plans.  She talks about

  1. Visualise what you want
  2. Try the things you think you want
  3. Allow yourself the possibility to go back and don’t be afraid to change your mind.


Nicoletta has a podcast called Poise to Shine. You can find it HERE

Nicoletta’s Facebook Group is called the Confidence Tribe

Nicoletta's website is:


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